July Instagram Round-Up

July went by so fast, WOW! I can’t believe there are only 6 months left in 2020. These years keep going faster the older I get. We didn’t do much last month, but we got so much done professionally and work-wise. So I would call it a success! Over on my Instagram this month, I…

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Leopard Trend: Summer Sandals

I ‘ve seen so much leopard this year, I don’t even remember what other prints look like. It’s funny because, I swear a couple years ago I was trying to steer my grandma away from the cheetah/leopard clothing rack. It used to have the reputation of an “old lady print” (as I would tell her) but it’s the most popular trend right now. So I’m totally a hypocrite and going back on my word because I’m obsessed. Sorry Mimi!

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BEAUTY, HOME, MENS, and more from the NSALE!

This post will be covering the best products in beauty, home, and mens that are part of the sale this year. I love to call these the “giftables” because most of those are great when you’re thinking of others. My brain automatically goes to birthdays and holidays, and trying not to wait till the last minute to get something they would love. Plus it makes my mind less of a mess when the times comes, of course. And I’ll take all of that I can get!

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The Best Clothing of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you’re a card holder, you probably shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary sale today. I don’t know about you but I think I clicked check out after every item I put in my cart because I was nervous they would sell out if I kept shopping around! And what do you know, 3 items sold out after I clicked purchase and got canceled. So much traffic was on the site, the stock numbers were changing so fast! Wow!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Most would say it’s the best time of the year in the fashion world. If you’re not familiar with the #NSALE sale, then let me fill you in why you want to be part of it. When you think of a sale you assume it includes items about to go out of season or picked over past collections that didn’t sell. This is completely opposite. Different from the sales you know, the products are BRAND NEW from designers fall and winter collection!

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What Africa Taught Me

I’m not really sure where to start. Words don’t really describe this kind of experience no matter how hard you try. If you’ve been on a mission trip to Africa or somewhere else help vulnerable children you know what the other side of the world looks like and how drastically different our lives are from it. My brain couldn’t grasp that people live in the conditions I saw.

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Summer Amazon Picks Under $25

First, I should say that I bought every one of these pieces and know first hand that I love them! I’m not just picking them because they look cute, but because they were my favorite Amazon purchases this summer. They are killing it in fashion and it’s hard to find deals that beat under $25 and free two day shipping! So Amazon has been my go to lately.

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Decorating Our First Home Together

I knew moving in this apartment started a new chapter for me. Of course moving in with a guy is different but something just felt really different about this place. Usually in my apartments I can see myself being there for about 1-2 years, in and out. This time I knew it was going to be our home for the better part of three years at least and more than likely the last one we will own before we purchase a home.

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Summer Beauty Products To Glow

Something about getting ready for summer is so exciting because it’s almost like you’re getting ready to be your best self… or maybe that’s just me anxious that my bikini body is due. Haha! Anyway, I’ve put together what I’ve bought for summer; some are new and you’ll find my ride or die summer must haves.

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Back In Bold

It’s been a minute since I’ve clicked the keys together with blogging in mind. So much of me misses it with every cell in my body but it also scares me. People say chase your dreams, well my dreams chased me. Everywhere I went I was reminded what I should be doing and where my heart, above all else, really was. The worst part about dreams is they require a leap of faith, ultimately in yourself and shear confidence in your abilities. It was never easy for me to recognize the good in myself but it was second nature for me to see the good in others. So that’s where I took my time and attention. I threw myself into jobs, classes, relationships, and everything else to believe in someone elses dream and potential because it was far less scary than believing in my own. That gave me 5 silent years trying to run from what I always wanted to do for fear of failure and paralyzed what people would think of me.

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