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Something about getting ready for summer is so exciting because it’s almost like you’re getting ready to be the best version of yourself… or maybe that’s just me anxious that my bikini body is due. Haha! Anyway, I’ve put together my summer beauty products from body, skincare, hair, and make up. Some are new but also my ride or die summer must haves!


I found Bali Body on Instagram and knew it was just a matter of time until I clicked check out on a few items I was eyeing to try. I purchased their watermelon tanning oil because it gives you the darkest tan and of course, you lost me at darkest. Add to cart!!! They have other tanning oils that have different benefits to each that target things like hydrating, smoothing, and so many other great things. I’m just all about being dark, (duhhhh) so I had to get the watermelon. Their second most popular one is the pineapple tanning oil which is good for a glowing tan while nourishing and hydrating your skin if the darkest tanning lotion sounds a little intense. I couldn’t resist trying this “face tan water”…. it just sounds interesting right? Water? Tan? It’s basically where sunless tan meets skin care. Just like a self tanner, it will gradually make your face tan and glowing without the sun damage. It hydrates, smoothes, reduces redness, and evens skin tone. So ya, had to get that!


To be honest, taking care of my hair is where I fall short in summer. I never do this in my everyday life, much less in the season it needs it. I have a lot of hair but it’s very very thin. I almost never touch a straightener or curling iron and always let it air dry. And if you’re wishing you had that… to each their own because I WISH I had hair that would stay styled or hold a curl. I would love to play with my hair but I’m grateful for what I have and shouldn’t complain. (Neither should you!) I got the Ouai leave in conditioner to spray after I wash my hair to give it what it needs to stay healthy in the sun. Which I have to admit I’m LOVING the way it makes my hair feel, plus it smells so good so I could really spray it all the time. Next, I got the wave spray and texturizing hair spray to give my spaghetti straight hair some volume and edge for the effortless “I just got off the beach” look. Depending on your hair type though they have a rose hair & body oil if you need more hydrating products for your hair and a scalp & body scrub to really give it a deep clean!


I always live by a good face moisturizer and the one area I really try to not be cheap about. With the amount of time I spend in the sun, I have to take care of my face most importantly. I use the sound sleep cocoon gel cream from Dermalogica religiously and spray the Evian mineral water for additional morning hydration (also great to throw in your purse/beach bag for instant moisture during the day) when I’m in a hurry! If I’m not in a rush to get out the door, I use the water cream from Tatcha to start my day. If you want something a little more wallet friendly, I recommend trying the moisture surge from Clinique that hydrates your skin for 72 hours. I’ve used that for years and always go back to it when I don’t know what to use. It feels amazing and soothes your skin as soon as you put it on! For sensitive skin, I highly recommend the calm water gel from Dermalogica (they are amazing) that is a weightless water-gel moisturizer that hydrates dry, sensitive skin. So good!! While in the sun, the Coola SPF spray has been my go to for sunscreen (it also can set your makeup) and keep it in my beach bag. After a long day spent in the sun, I’ve been using the Sephora face mask that instantly soothes sun-exposed skin and hydrates for the “sun kissed” look!


Of course to glow in the summer you need to have your highlight. I bought a few items from this company I found on Instagram from the Bachelorette nation showing it off. Iconic London seems to be taking over the highlight job this summer because I see them all over the place. I have to admit, it looked incredible and so easy to use. Which is exactly why I got them! I do not have the patience for an application that takes longer than 2 minutes, haha. Anyway, I gave in and purchased the illuminator in original and the prep-set-glow in original. The illuminator is a liquid highlight that you just put a drop on your high cheek bones and tap it around where you want the shine to be. The prep-set-glow I was particularly excited for because it’s just a shine spray but very natural looking, like the sun is just glistening on you living your best life. I’ll probably just keep it with me wherever I go this summer! I’m so shocked by how much I loved these products and how many compliments I got from them, so I’m definitely going to be reordering these! This is not sponsored, just wanted to share!

P.S., I ordered from the Iconic London website but Ulta now carries it! They sold out of the original color so fast but it just got restocked! Since it’s a UK brand, it took a long time for shipping when I ordered directly from them, so if you are thinking about it or wanting to try it, I’d go to Ulta!

Ride or Dies

The last two items that are a must have for me in the summer and have been constants for me the last few years. Of course, I need my white nail polish for touch ups, because all summer I get white on my toes and nails (it makes you look more ~tan~) so I always have that. BUT my tried and true, ride or die, never going to change, is my It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50. It is buildable coverage that truly is a miracle worker and great for your skin. I could be in the sun all day and that makeup does not move. If you haven’t tried it yet I would recommend even getting the travel size mini and see if you like it! I use natural tan or tan depending on how dark I am.

That is everything beauty I have stocked up on the summer so far! Comment below if you have tried any of these, been wanting to try them, or have heard of them! I want to know what you think of these products and if you have any recommendations of your favorite summer products, let me know too!

Below you can shop the products I recommend the most (under “shop the post”) and you can click the links above as well! If you have any trouble finding something, don’t hesitate to send me an email! I’m sooo excited to be my best, hydrated, and glowing self this summer and I hope you are too!



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