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If you’ve looked through the clothes and wondering what other great items are included in the sale, you’re in the right spot. In case you have not seen the best of the clothing categories, you can check out my last post here. This post will be covering the best products in beauty, home, and mens that are part of the sale this year. I love to call these the “giftables” because most of those are great when you’re thinking of others. My brain automatically goes to birthdays and holidays, and trying not to wait till the last minute to get something they would love. Plus it makes my mind less of a mess when the times comes, of course. And I’ll take all of that I can get!

For a quick view of the best items in ALL of the categories included in the #NSALE, click the tab at the top! This post will be for more details, what I purchased, and images of the best items in all these categories.

You are able to shop any of the items by clicking directly on the photo or the corresponding numbers below the photo!


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Beauty is fun to shop because they have tons of “gifts with purchase” for almost any beauty item you buy! On this page it lists EVERY brand that is offering a gift with purchase but some are specific to the NSALE. Looking through the beauty section, I found tons of skincare I’ve always wanted to try but the price tag is just too much for “trying” a product. So I love that during the sale I can take advantage and try those brands I’d been eyeing and easily get more samples (for free) with every purchase. Something like the emerald roller and jade oil (3), I’ve heard such great things about that I’ve been meaning to always pick up but because the high quality ingredients, it’s not cheap. Usually $80 but just $50 during the NSALE for both the roller and the oil!

Another two items I purchased were the Ouai Glow set (7) and the Mac Cosmetics nude lip kit (2). If you haven’t seen or heard of Ouai, they are a VERY popular hair care company that I recently stumbled upon and now I can’t imagine how I went without it. I bought a lot of their products and talk about them more on my summer beauty post, but these are the two products I did not get! So I’m so happy to be able to snag it and try them out. The nude lip kit is such a great value for full size MAC products of gloss, pencil, and lipstick. I saw tons of people raving about this set on Instagram and how good the “Go Get Nude” color is for everyday wear, so I decided to grab it while it was still in stock!

Also with ANY beauty purchase, Nordstrom puts together 5 free samples to send to you!


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I know I’m older because home items excite me way more than they used to. I could spend forever in HomeGoods or Marshalls trying to decorate every corner of my home but it’s like Target, it sneaks up on you.

Somehow you have a full basket with 6 candles, 1 pillow, artwork for the guest closet, coffee table book, and spoons. True story. Nothing is worse than the walk of shame to the cash register trying to figure out how you ended up with all these things and now convincing yourself you can part with. Or if you made the mistake of bringing someone with you, trying to explain why you now need them and strategically where they will be placed in the house. It’s a sport, really.

BUT I do get most of my “giftables” from Marshalls and HomeGoods because the prices are just unbeatable. I do appreciate the gifting though at Nordstrom and how they wrap it up and look so pretty. I’m a sucker for packaging. The wood serving tray (1) and the cheese board (9) caught my eye because I love entertaining, but also because they would be great gifts for nearly anyone. It would look great in any kitchen and a useable product instead of something that just sits on the shelf for decor. (Those are great too though!) Almost all of these picks would be a good gift or pieces that will have a purpose in your home.


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Greys, blues, blacks. Repeat. Guys don’t have a ton of color range in clothing, huh? But I’m not complaining because for some reason it looks good on all of them! I have to talk about the shoes for a minute because I’m really into this trend for guys right now. These work shoe/sneaker hybrids look so clean. 13 & 15 are the same shoe but in different colors. They all three are made by Cole Haan, but the brown shoe (14) in the middle is a little fancier. Something about it just screams “styled” to me and definitely could be a staple in any mans closet. I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair to get Santos and now that they’re on sale, I’m probably going to get the grey or brown ones.

Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised with the mens section and how most items were good for everyday wear. Some items part of the sale, can even be worn now! If you are looking for a new jacket though, the North Face 3 in 1 jacket is of course going to go fast, because how useful it is for winter. There are also full suits available on there at a great price if you or a man in your life is looking for one!

nordstrom anniversary sale

The sale opens to the public on July 19th, which means EVERYONE can shop it (not just card holders). Nordstroms prepares for items to run out of stock, so if you didn’t get what you wanted then they will most likely be restocking it on the first day it’s open to the public!

It’s sometimes just too much and overwhelming to shop the sale and go through the thousands of products in each category, so let me do the hard work for you. Click on the #NSALE tab at the top and you will find all of great items included in the sale in one place. I also posted all the best clothing in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and if you haven’t read that yet, just click here.

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