Beach Must-Haves

For the last two months, I have been blessed to call Florida home. My brother, brother’s girlfriend, my boyfriend, and I drove the car from Texas to Jacksonville for a change of scenery from our COVID quarantine spots. I LOVE where we live – but a one-bedroom got a little tight after three months of being on lockdown inside. Also, who wouldn’t choose a little beach time with the family if they could?

In a car for 15 hours and no date on when we are going back to Dallas, we were excited! We are doing our best to enjoy the moment and take advantage of family time, without any commitments, which will probably never happen again. It’s unheard of! If you haven’t read my last post, I was laid off from my job during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been searching for a job since. In times like this, it’s hard to find job openings and if I do find them, everyone has found them! I applied to TWO jobs the other day that within 24 hours had over 300 applicants. It’s discouraging but I am blessed to be at the beach, with my family, and making the most of the time I have.

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While we’ve been here we have gone to the beach nearly everyday at some point. For a bike ride, walk, to hang out, we’ve found our way onto the sand. Everything is MUCH more active here near the ocean and I love it! After spending days at the beach, I’ve rounded up what I have in my beach bag and must haves when heading towards that salty air!


Protection is first and foremost and I always have my TULA sunscreen every day! I just purchased this (one of their new products for summer) and have been loving it so far. It has papaya + pineapple (superfoods) and probiotics in it leaving your skin super soft, protected, and nourished for those sun rays! I have a coupon code they gave me if you want to shop anything from their site, they have tons of skincare which I use every day! I Use code “ASHLEYLAREA” for 15% at TULA.COM. Next week, I will also be writing a blog post soon exclusively about TULA and my skincare routine and what I use from them!

Protecting my skin is the most important and I don’t wear makeup really, especially on the beach. I just hate the feeling of sweat mixed with makeup, bleh! I have always had eyelash extensions but since COVID hit, I have not been able to get them done in months. So I have been using a waterproof mascara (better-than-sex by Too-Faced has been my favorite for years pre-extensions!). If I do put on a tinted moisturizer or anything on my face I use ItCosmetics CC+ cream, which is the most gorgeous light-weight and buildable coverage foundation you will ever use. I have had it in my makeup bag since high school and I still always use it!


The second most important thing is hydration. I am the FIRST person to get dehydrated and I am the world’s worst water drinker. At the beach, this is simply not going to work. I bring a big water jug (I like YETI or something similar to keep it cold as long as possible) and use my Liquid IV sticks. One package of these guys equals 3 BOTTLES OF WATER! Not only do they taste good, but my life has totally changed since I’ve found them. My dehydration, headaches, aches, fatigue, all of it – gone! I take them every day, but definitely, at the beach or a long day, I highly recommend them!

I reached out to them and asked for a discount code for y’all too (because I love them but love my readers more!!) and they said if you use “ASHLEYLAREA” at checkout you get 25% off your entire purchase!!!

A small secret about Liquid IV that I’ve heard from sharing it on my socials… because of the hydration benefits, many people use it for hangover cures or mixers in their drinks! My boyfriend and I recently tested this theory and made a water + passionfruit Liquid IV + tequila as our drink of choice for the night. It not only tasted GREAT but had zero hangovers the next day! So all I’m sayin is…. lots of benefits!

Beyond Basics

Besides the basics, I also love a good book to read! Lately, I have hopped on the bandwagon and picked up Untamed by Glennon Doyle which I have heard over and over is innnncredible. All about unlearning our traditional roles as women to be “selfless peace-makers,” making everyone else comfortable, leaving our wants and needs unfulfilled. I can’t put it down!! I have 18 people who messaged me to read the book after me and so many more messages telling me how amazing the book is. So I am LOVING reading it! If you’re looking for a good book to read, I highly suggest Untamed!

I also just finished reading This Is Not A Fashion Story by Danielle Bernstein who was the first fashion influencer and totally paved the path of the blogging industry. SUCH a good book if you are interested in the fashion industry or blogging. Danielle is so inspiring in her journey from a college drop out to now CEO and founder to several of her own companies. Can you tell I love empowering books?!

Hope you found this helpful and if you have anything you would add, comment below! I would love to hear your beach MUST haves!


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